Bruce Starr ~ LUVCOACH

Author of "Bodytraders - Transforming Back From Player to Lover"


LUVCOACH Bruce Starr has been on a 44 year self-study on several different philosophies on life. He studied the Course in Miracles with Marianne Williamson, traveled the country with Saul Steinberg, the original Publisher of a Course in Miracles, for several years attended Agape Church with Rev. Michael Beckwith (seen on The Secret and Dr. Oz), was mentored by Dr. Pat Allen as seen on The Millionaire Matchmaker with Patty Stanger, as well as many others.


He began his career in radio in the early 90's hosting and producing “LuvWorks with Bruce Starr” on WNN, the highly respected “The Winners News Network,” and television shows on relationships in South Florida and Los Angeles.

In 1993, he learned about America Online when it had only 300,000 members. He opened a room on AOL called “RelationshipCoaching” and over a ten year period, he had 6000 intimate, detailed, documented conversations with people across the country.


He took the information learned from those conversations and wrote “Bodytraders.” This book will eventually help an entire generation of people caught up in gameplaying relationships. He is here to say this type of relationship does not work and will not ever work.  Only love works!


He is currently writing another book to help teenage girls with their dating issues. He is hosting The LUVCOACH Facebook Live Video Shows and planning Executive Dating Events.  The LUVCOACH has dedicated the rest of his life to helping people return to what each and every person craves, but has run from. He knows “love is all there is. Everything else is just a distraction from why we all came to this place we call planet earth!...To love and be loved in return.” He knows the world depends on the work he and many others are doing who are speaking on love. 


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