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What They Are Saying About The Book!

Bodytraders -Transforming Back From Player to Lover



"This is an excellent book about contemporary dating issues that takes the mystery out of the pains

of dating and addresses what to look for to find an intimate love relationship."


Dr. Pat Allen

As seen many times as a "Expert Guest on Millionaire Matchmaker"

Author of “Getting To I Do”and “Staying Married and Loving It”










​​"In this oh-so complicated world of relationships, Bruce Starr(LuvCoach) has used his many years of professional relationship coaching,to help people everywhere see through their self-sabotaging behaviorsand ultimately how to get through to the other side, where healthy long lasting love is waiting....."














Patrice Karst

Author of God Made Easy, The Single Mother's Survival Guide and The Invisible StringPatrice KarstAuthor/Speaker/MotherP.O Box 9055Calabasas,CA 91372

(310) 967-4838God Made Easy,

The Single Mother's Survival Guide, The Invisible String





​"Bruce, I've been reading your manuscript.

I think you are doing a fine job with it. Keep up the good work."


Father Joe Girzone

Notable as the author of the Joshua series. ​​










Dear Coach,

Hi again! I absolutely loved reading your book. It gave me chills when I read it. You really have a knack for putting your thoughts into words. I was amazed at your insight. I really had expected to read it and email you back all the things that I differed with. Well, I was wrong. I think you have a lot of people pegged. Look forward to discussing it with you more in-depth. Have some questions for you.

Elaine, Tennessee


Hi Bruce,

Thank you for the email and enclosures. I just read your entire book this evening. Very interesting, totally excellent job. Your book would be even more terrific in hard copy. Very powerful material. I can see you on book signings at Barnes and Noble, etc.... and on radio and lecture series about the book. This broad base publicity would lend credibility to weeklong long retreats.

Andrée Pouliot


Dear Coach,

Recently, I feel I had the fortune to read your dynamic book titled 'BodyTraders'. I feel the contents taught me many valuable techniques to improve and enhance my lifestyle with those I love and those I come in contact with on a daily basis. You have a definite ability to deal with the many facets of life and love that prove to be an enrichment in everyone's life.Please let me know when you will be speaking in the Chicago area, as I know many people that I have spoken to about this book that would more than love to attend.

A fan from Chicago​

Bruce. Your book is so true. I know some of the things you write about are very raw, but it hits the heart of the matter. You speak with practical application. Your book is articulated well and targets real issues with sound advice, I pray it will be an eye-opener for those who read it and they will choose to apply the pearls of wisdom you have shared in their relationships.   May those who read it have eyes to see. God Bless, Rev. Cindy Falco-Di Corrado--


Dear Coach,

Thank you for writing this book. It gave me insight into why many of my past relationships did not work. It helped me learn how to be aware of how to be in a healthy relationship. Where were you a few years ago? You could have saved me lots of unnecessary heartache.I have read many books on relationships. None of them touched on what was troubling me and most of my single friends. I was taking part in playing games without even knowing it. This book showed me that to find the love of my life, I had to let go of gameplaying and have trust and faith that by being the best person I can be, I would than attract the best person for me.

Lorin Z, CA


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