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What We Will Discuss at Executive Power Events


I have spoken to thousands of people across the country and even across the world. What I hear from almost each and every one of the people who are alone and not wanting to be is..."I am on a pathway to nowhere when it comes to relationships." Another tells me, "I bought the advice that if I would just wait until I had the right job and a lot of money, I would be happy, productive and successful." Still another told me, "I have no idea how to have a relationship based on getting along, having fun and mutual love." A man in his 50's told me, the way I am going, I will be alone and afraid on my deathbed with no one to be there for me."


These people and many more just like them will learn exactly what to do and how they have to do it to open their minds to having more powerful, productive ways of living that depends on...."how you feel about yourself!"  At an Executive Power Event, executives will unlearn many negative and unproductive habits they have learned "in the name of progress and doing whatever it takes to make money!  They will be replaced by ways of living that will create better and more productive relationships with employers, employees, family, friends and lovers!


Relationships between employers and employees have never been more tenuous. At many companies and corporations, each has learned to distrust each other to the point where employees don't care about the employer and visa versa. This does not produce a positive working atmosphere where teamwork has always been the most successful way to success!


At EXECUTIVE POWER EVENTS, everyone learns the value and positive outcomes that come about from true teamwork. 

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