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What is the most dynamic way to meet quality Singles who are looking to meet other interesting, successful men and women?

At The Luvcoach's

Upcoming Events!



Join an upscale group of professional Jewish men and women for a rare and outstanding opportunity to meet and connect with dozens of other professionals complete with “wine and cheese and other light refreshments!


The event is hosted by author, television and radio talk show host and producer Bruce Starr.


When: Wednesday evening, July 20th, 2023 at 6 pm. 


Register in advance: $49 per person. $69 at the door!

Seating is limited! Participation is on a first come, first serve basis. The first FIVE from each profession will be able to register to allow for the widest group of professional attendees.

Dress for success!

Contact The Luvcoach Bruce Starr at:
to register or for more information

Register with Zelle or Venmo.

Register at Stripe:

$49 for one person

$80 for you and a friend!

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Want to Attend Upcoming Luvcoach Executive
Speed Dating Circles

Contact Bruce Starr at to register in advance and bring a male friend and get a two for one admission!

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So many people ask the Luvcoach, how can I meet someone? I want to share my life with someone, but I have no idea how to meet them. 


Well, if you are looking for THE most dynamic way to meet and get to know dozens of interesting and exciting available men and women all in one evening, come to a Luvcoach Speed Dating Circle events that will be held at several different locations around South Florida.


One hour of being in a speed dating circle hosted by talk radio show host Bruce Starr could dramatically improve your dating and love life the quickest way possible! You could find that special someone at a LUVCOACH Speed Dating Circle!

Frustrated with not knowing why your life and the lives of people around don't seem to be working? Unlock the mystery to having a more productive life, at work, home and with family and friends with personal, private and discrete one-on-one relationship sessions!

Bruce Starr, the author of TRANSFORMING BACK FROM PLAYER TO LOVER, an internationally known professional speaker and workshop presenter, television and radio talk show host and producer, has a remedy for the man or woman who knows they can be getting so more more out of life, their job or career, but just don't know the secrets to doing it?


Bruce Starr has been on a 41 year self-study on several different philosophies on life. He studied the Course in Miracles with Marianne Williamson, traveled the country with Saul Steinberg, the original Publisher of a Course in Miracles, for several years attended Agape Church with Rev. Michael Beckwith (seen on The Secret and Dr. Oz), was mentored by Dr. Pat Allen (The Millionaire Matchmaker with Patty Stanger) and many others.


Recently called "The Godfather of Relationships," Bruce presents state-of-the-art workshops using tried and true processes and techniques that will initiate an opening to more positive and powerful relationships. This healing of the heart will create a space for the attendee to want to enjoy a deeper, more intimate, loving relationship with themselves, the first major step to opening the door to greater productivity in life, in every aspect of their lives. 

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Executive Power Events!



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"What is the best way to meet other successful professionals like yourself, who want to learn and share about how to have a more productive and positive relationship and life?

 At a three day
Executive Power Weekend!"

The Relationship Coach Bruce Starr

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