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Dan ATL: I met this new lady the other night, but am afraid of scaring her off. I have been separated for the last 3 years, and divorced since September. I am kinda new at the dating game (again). I met her at a small club, chatted for about 3 hours. We danced some, and she gave me her number. I am very attracted to her. She is not only very pretty, but my age, and intelligent. Just not sure of how to proceed.

LUVCOACH: We are want to be with someone we can be proud to have on our arm. That usually means....they are rarely desperate for a date or company....because they have a successful life.

Dan ATL: No kidding...I was dressed like hell, and just talking with a guy I know, and she just appeared.

LUVCOACH: When you come on too give people the impression that you want someone to come into your life to save you from your misery. That is not attractive. When you pay some attention, but don't overdue it to be happy, that is attractive!

Dan ATL: Yep, exactly...I want to get to know her better. I am not desperate, but I do not want her to think I'm coming on too strong.

LUVCOACH: Just take your time.....with your calls and how often you want to see her at first. Try not to get too excited about her...a person can sense it and wonder why you are not more self-sufficient.

Dan ATL: Any timing suggestions?

LUVCOACH: Just enjoy yourself when you are with her. You are much more desirable that way. Remember, she already gave you her number. I am sure she would not do that with someone she did not want to pursue her. You might try calling every few days or so...give her three or four days notice to make plans...three or four of anything is a good number.

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