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For the last five thousand years, people came together over time. They got to know and admire each other slowly and naturally. Feelings take time to grow. Thoughts about someone change, but feelings about someone such as a first love, rarely change or leave you in an entire lifetime.

I am not suggesting that you should hope to get stuck in an elevator as a good way to meet someone or that you were meant to be with someone because you got stuck in an elevator with them. There are many stories over the years about people who made a romantic connection after living through a difficult situation together. Perhaps because of that special, quality time they spend together, they connected on such a level that even if they were not meant to be romantic partners, they stayed friends for life.

My wife and I were not guaranteed anything when we first met. She did not tell me, “call me when you have your life together.” We built our lives together. I suggest people look to do the same if you want to build a firm foundation for love. Focus on each and every person who is presented to you. Even if they are not the “one” for you, let them know how much you value their friendship.

Who doesn’t want to hear they are valued? Not only will it warm their heart to hear something like that, it will warm your heart even more to say it. When this person recalls your personable and warm side to friends, they may think of you when they meet another interesting single person who might be just perfect for you.

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