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10 Ways To Change Your Mind About Rejection

10 Ways To Change Your Mind About Rejection

To help you recover from past rejection, instead of focusing on our own viewpoint or pain, you could see others that appear to reject us as:

  • Confused and not knowing what they want in life.

  • Insecure and not seeing themselves as able to support you and your needs.

  • Too limited in focus to see all you are and all you have to offer.

  • Knowing they are not ready for a challenge from you, or to move ahead with their goals.

  • Being in too much pain themselves and without a clear vision of who they are.

  • Not having enough of what you need to offer it to you for your success.

Instead of dealing with the pain from rejection, (especially if a pattern occurs around this same issue, goal, desire or person), you can instead look for the value that can be learned from this experience.

A sure sign of higher self-esteem is when we choose a more useful path that causes us less pain and frustration. When our self-esteem, self-confidence is high, we choose to see life’s experiences in a positive way. When we respect ourselves and see ourselves as a valuable productive person in the world, we believe that when one door closes, another one is about to open. This new door may be more aligned with our highest good. The new door might be a more appropriate place to work on our issues or a better starting point to move ahead. It might eventually bring us the highest reward appropriate for this time in our lives.

To become aware of these new opportunities or to feel worthy to have more in life, several factors need to be ingrained in our belief system. For most, we are only able to take this more positive approach to life when we are willing to:

  • Like or love ourselves more

  • No longer want to suffer

  • No longer want to be seen as a loser

  • Want positive results in life

The LUVCOACH Bruce Starr

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