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A Sure-Fired Way to Raise Your Self-Confidence!

What are ways to raise self-confidence?

By Bruce Starr The LUVCOACH

By serving or helping others! Until we are willing to change the way we do things, the results will remain the same. If we want to change, we first need to change our mind about our goals and what success is.

The first thing we need to do is to find a way to feel better about ourselves first. One way to feel better about ourselves is to distract ourselves from our own gloomy thoughts is to volunteer your time to help others. When we give and serve, we always meet with various degrees of success. Success can be to touch people in a positive way and to see how many peoples lives we can change for the better. I read a perfect example of this in a magazine the other day.

A very famous television actress was struggling for years before she made it. In her words, she was not getting the right auditions or parts for nine years. She was depressed and angry at the Hollywood system for not giving her what she wanted in life. She then heard about the opportunity to go down to Mexico to help a town full of people who had experiences a natural disaster. Since she did not have any auditions or parts coming up, she went down with a group of people to help.

After spending a few weeks there, her entire outlook on life changed. Instead of being so self-absorbed in her desire to be famous or a popular actress, she returned to Hollywood as was able to go on auditions without putting so much pressure on herself. Instead of getting so uptight and see everyone auditioning with her as the enemy, he started to enjoy the audition process instead of disliking it. She become much friendlier to all the other seemingly more successful actors who were competing for her parts.

As a result, she was more at ease and self-confident in herself that she was more than just a struggling actress remembering that she was able to help the lives of so many people. When she downplayed the importance of each audition she went on and just enjoyed the process, she started getting more and more roles.

After getting smaller roles, her confidence grew in her ability to become a successful actress until she got the great roles she is known for today. That actress is Patricia Heaton from “Raymond” and now “The Middle.”

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